Women of Freeride Movie Night


Skiers and snowboarders around Verbier, listen up!

The ‘Gâra abada movie nights’ are putting on a WOMEN OF FREERIDE film night this Saturday, 17 January, at 8:30pm in the Cinéma de Verbier. A special film night dedicated to female ski and snowboard athletes, celebrating authentic grace, real beauty, genuine comradeship and a shared love for skiing and snowboarding. The feature film of the evening embodies this perfectly: Unicorn Picnic’s ‘Pretty Faces’ by Lynsey Dyer, an all female ski film nominated for film of the year by Powder Magazine.

The WOMEN OF FREERIDE film program was put together by Lorraine Huber, professional freerider and runner-up Freeride World Tour champion. “This film night provides a cross section not only of the high level of female freeriding today, but also features films with a unique approach to filmmaking: films that highlight feminine strengths instead of trying to simply emulate male ski and snowboard movies”.

Special guests include Geraldine Fastnacht and Estelle Balet, who will be on stage to talk the the audience personally. Natalie Segal, a competitive freeride skier based in Verbier, will be moderating the evening instead of Lorraine Huber, who unfortunately can’t be present due to injury.

kOnneX: the ski film

The time has come! Our new experimental ski film kOnneX by filmmaker extraordinaire Hanno Mackowitz with original ?sound design by Marcus Loeber is now online, free of charge! Take five minutes ?timeout and immerse yourself in powder snow. 

Ski films present perfect sequences, everything looks so easy and elegant; the line, the conditions and the skier’s skills, everything is in perfect harmony. That’s why it is easy to forget how large and difficult a task it is to make all the elements come together perfectly.

The real attraction to the sport comes from the relationship between the rider, his or her skills, and the environment, which when combined, make for exceptional experiences in often cold and hostile surroundings. kOnneX is the continuation of last winter’s experimental film Lorraine. The Movie. Unlike other ski films, this film’s focus is on the perfect interaction between the individual elements of snow, ski and skier, and the resulting fluidity when these elements are connected. The film doesn’t require dialogue; the long-lasting impression is forged in the sound effects and music, which have been composed specifically for this film.

Make sure you plug in some good quality speakers or earphones to get the full experience. 


berg&abenteuer filmfestival graz

Our film “Lorraine” was presented in full HD at the berg&abenteuer filmfestival graz last week. I’ve derived so much joy out of this film. Hanno Mackowitz (idea, camera and editing), Marcus Loeber (music) and I joined together to each bring what we do best and love most into this unique project, a real team effort.

Screengrab from the film "Lorraine", by Hanno Mackowitz

Screengrab from the film “Lorraine”, by Hanno Mackowitz


Screengrab from the film "Lorraine", by Hanno Mackowitz

Screengrab from the film “Lorraine”, by Hanno Mackowitz

“Lorraine” is a ski film shot with a RED camera in Zürs and Stuben am Arlberg. The super-slow-motion images, accompanied by minimalistic classical music, induce a process of deceleration in the viewer. The viewer has time to take in the mysterious winter landscapes and the dynamic movements of a skier in powder snow. The music was composed especially to these images, with the goal of bringing the viewer into a state of flow.

What do you think about the idea of making this kind of movie? Please feel free to use the comments section below! Stay tuned for further screenings at a cinema near you!

IF3 Movie Awards: Best Freeride Female

I recently received an award from the International Freeski Film Festival for “Best Freeride Female” for my segment in Alaska in the all-female freeski movie “Shades of Winter”. Since I’m in Australia at the moment visiting family I wasn’t able to accept the award personally, so I’d like to share this acceptance speech with you now for the award night to thank the key people involved in me winning this award. I’m feeling totally overwhelmed and so very happy right now!

Also, Sandra Lahnsteiner and Matilda Rapaport were nominated for the award, which shows how awesome our segment in Alaska is. You get a sneak peek at some of our Alaska footage in the film below. Also, check the film tour infos to catch the movie at a place near you.

Shades of Winter Trailer Online

Last season, I had the opportunity to film with an amazing group of girls for the all-female freeski film “Shades of Winter“, produced by Sandra Lahnsteiner. This is Sandy’s third film and she is absolutely killing it, providing us female athletes with an ideal platform to showcase our skiing as well as celebrate our shared love of the sport. The film shows the high level of female freeskiing today with a stacked roster of freestyle as well as big mountain athletes. You can see me skiing in a segment we shot in Haines, Alaska, this year, together with Sandra Lahnsteiner and Matilda Rapaport.

Shades of Winter premiered on 15th September at the International Freeski Film Festival (IF3) in Montreal, Canada. The next screening is during the IF3 Innsbruck on Saturday, 5th October. Don’t miss it!

In the meantime, check out the Shades of Winter trailer here:


Filmfest St. Anton

„Berge – Menschen – Abenteuer“ so lautet der Untertitel des Filmfest St. Anton, das nach zwei erfolgreichen “Außenterminen” in Wien und Kufstein in der letzten Augustwoche (28.8 – 31.8.13) bereits zum 19. Mal wieder in St. Anton am Arlberg, im stimmungsvollen Arlberg-well.com, stattfindet. Vermittelt von Filmen begeben wir uns wieder auf die Suche nach Naturerfahrungen, Abenteuern und Herausforderungen. Das Festival präsentiert sich dieses Jahr ganz europäisch – Szenegäste aus Italien, der Schweiz, Frankreich, England, Polen, Deutschland und Österreich werden erwartet.

Ich bin dieses Jahr erstmals beim Filmfest St. Anton als Moderatorin dabei, und darf unseren Film “Lorraine. Freeriden am Arlberg zu G-Dur” gefilmt von Hanno Mackowitz präsentieren.

Einen Schwerpunkt der Veranstaltung bildet das Thema Frauenklettern: Ines Papert, Barbara Zangerl und Nina Caprez sind vor Ort und führen mit ihren Filmen vor Augen, dass schwere Kletterrouten keine reine Männerdomäne mehr sind.

Wann & Wo?

28.08 – 31.08.13
Das Filmfest findet im Arlberg-well.com statt.
Hannes-Schneider-Weg 11, 6580 St. Anton a. Arlberg


Mit dem Zug nach St. Anton a. Arlberg und dann zu Fuß in 5 Minuten zum Filmfest
Mit dem Auto: A12 bzw. S16, Ausfahrt St. Anton a. Arlberg. Bitte beim ausgeschilderten Parkplatz parken.


Abendkarte: 13 € (erm.: 10 €), Wochenkarte: 35 €
Karten-VVK in allen Raiffeisenbanken, beim TVB St. Anton a. Arlberg und unter www.stantonamarlberg.com

Samstag, 31.08.

Beginn: 20 Uhr

“Lorraine. Freeriden am Arlberg zu G-Dur” ein Film von Hanno Mackowitz, ca. 10 Minuten.

Alle weiteren Infos zum Programm findet ihr hier.


Ich freue mich auf EUER KOMMEN!

Das Filmfest St. Anton gastiert in Wien und Kufstein

„Berge – Menschen – Abenteuer“ so lautet der Untertitel des Filmfests St. Anton, das in der letzten Augustwoche
(28.8 – 31.8.13) bereits zum 19. Mal stattfindet.
Am 20. Juni gastiert das Bergfilmfest für einen Abend ab 19 Uhr im Wiener WUK. Gefährliche Kletterrouten, atemberaubende Kameraeinstellungen und viele Stars der Kletter-, Bergsteiger- und Mountainbikeszene erwarten den abenteuerhungrigen Großstädter. Diesjähriger Schwerpunkt des Filmfests in St. Anton wie in Wien wird Frauenklettern sein.

Bergluft schnuppern in der Großstadt!
Das Filmfest St. Anton bringt einen breiten Querschnitt sowohl des internationalen Berg- und Abenteuerfilms als auch der vielen bemerkenswerten Szene-Filme, die in Tirol und in Österreich hergestellt werden, nach Wien. Das Spektrum umfasst Alpinismus, Klettern und Bouldern, Mountainbiken und Freeriden. Geografisch führen die Filme von den heimischen Alpen bis hin zu den Bergen der Welt.

Abendkassa € 13.- ab 18:00 im WUK
ermässigt € 10,- (Studenten, Schüler, Alpenverein, Raiffeisenklub)
VVK € 10,-

Tickets ab Montag 13.05. online

Jugendinfo Wien
Babenbergerstraße 1
Ecke Burgring
1010 Wien
Tel. +43/1/4000-84 100

Programm WIEN: www.filmfest-stanton.at. Zu sehen ist auch unser neuer Film “Lorraine. Freeriden am Arlberg zu G-Dur”, ein Film von Hanno Mackowitz.

Gleich darauf am Freitag den 21. Juni kommt das Filmfest St. Anton nach Kufstein!



The Alaskan Dream

Alaska – the mythical last frontier on every skiers’ bucket list, the most filmed mountains in the world due to their beauty and insane terrain, countless stories of skiers waiting for weeks on end just for that one epic day in the mountains with the heli. When Sandra Lahnsteiner sent me an email on 18 March asking whether I wanted to join her and Matilda Rapaport for 2,5 weeks heliskiing and filming in Haines, Alaska, I couldn’t refuse. I’ve never felt ready to ski the terrain and spines I always see in the ski films from Alaska, but I just figured you have to start somewhere. So here goes!

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 12.20.41 PM

We’re here to ski the Chilkat mountains accessible by heli just 33 miles north of the town of Haines in South-East Alaska. We’re living in the Funny Farm at Mile 27 so we can be close to the heli port when the weather pops. We’re flying with Alaska Heliskiing, one of two heli-operations in this area. Haines has apparently not the extent of terrain Valdez offers for example, but the mountains here are meant to be the most beautiful in the world if you’re a skier/snowboarder.

Hanging with the girls at the 33 Mile House next to the heli base

Hanging with the girls at the 33 Mile House next to the heli base

Getting a glimpse of the mountains when we first arrived

Getting a glimpse of the mountains when we first arrived

Today is our 6th day without skiing. We’re waiting for good light conditions to fly in the heli and also to film. The great news is that it snowed 70 to 100 cm two days ago above approx. 800 metres, and we’ve got a good weather window from tomorrow onwards for a couple of days. We can hardly believe our luck, but we’re still trying to keep our expectations low because you never know what’s going to happen.

Filming for Shades of Winter

I started filming for the all-girls ski movie “Shades of Winter” at home in Zürs am Arlberg this week. Janina Kuzma from New Zealand joined me here to film some big mountain lines, cliff drops, powder turns and pillow lines. I’m really excited to be part of this project since filming for the all-girls ski movie “As We Are” in 2010. Although we haven’t had significant snow falls at the Arlberg during the past 10 days, the cold temperatures and windless weather have preserved the snow beautifully. There was a lot of sluff in the bigger lines with very stable conditions. Filming this week also provided me with ideal training for the upcoming comps in March.

Check out some of the photos on my facebook page.