Girls Ski Movie “AS WE ARE” Trailer

You might have noticed that women are rarely featured in ski movies. So a year ago, five of my friends and I decided to make our own all-girls ski movie, and we’re proud to present you the trailer of “As We Are”. We traveled, skied, planned and lived together last season, visiting each of our home ski areas. The result is beautiful action footage in some of Europe’s best ski areas, and an inspiring tale of a group of girls having fun in the mountains. Get out there girls and go for it!

Laura Bohleber (CH), Pia Widmesser (GER), Lorraine Huber (AUT), Giulia Monego (ITA), Melissa Presslaber (AUT), Sandra Lahnsteiner (aut)

Producer: Sandra Lahnsteiner
Director: Mathias Bergmann
Camera: Mathias Bergmann, Kenny Cowburn
Editor: Mathias Bergmann

5 thoughts on “Girls Ski Movie “AS WE ARE” Trailer

  1. Your movie trailer is quite good and looks like professionally done. I used skis with my pals but it never came to a point that we go out as all females, as we usually go out with some boys to serve as our protection. “As We Are” will serve as an inspirational movie for females and young people alike to become independent skiers and not be afraid to do extreme sports or challenge the world dominated by men. I hope that your movie will earn raves and will help inspire other women to consider skiing as their own brand of sports as skiing is one of the best things that a woman can enjoy in this life.

  2. Hi Lorraine,
    Thank you girls for the little ski movie!!! 🙂 I’ve always missed the girls in skimovies.
    can’t wait for the winter and the movie is a motivation for me!!! 🙂

    • Hi Pieedra, thanks for reaching out! Where do you live, our film is touring in some major cities in Europe as well as the USA. Hopefully you can check out the movie on the big screen!

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