Feeling positive despite illness

Today I skied for the first time again since 19 December. According to a specialist I saw recently I’m allowed to do moderate exercise, around 60 to 70% of my normal level. The funny thing is, I had to really motivate myself to get out there, despite the nice weather. Is it from simply feeling low on energy? I think it’s also to do with skiing alone – I really don’t like skiing without my mates, who are all skiing off-piste over in St. Anton. So in the end I went out for the afternoon with my Dad and stepmum, a very rare occasion, skiing the firm pistes in Lech. It was really fun and I even did a little carving workshop with Dad – even a ski instructor of 40 years is motivated to learn some new tricks!  We ended the day with a super delicious Kaiserschmarren in the Burg Hotel – probably the best in Lech Zürs in my opinion. If you can find a better one let me know!

My doctor said I contracted Mononucleosis infectiosa a long time ago, I just never knew it. Since then my immune system hasn’t been functioning as it should, and I’ve actually picked up all sorts of nasty germs, including Hepatitis A – probably in Bali. I’m actually feeling quite positive these last few days, because I’m so glad to finally know what my problem is and apparently it’s quite treatable, it just takes time. I can’t wait to get back to skiing and competing while feeling totally on top of my game, something I haven’t for the past 3 years!

2 thoughts on “Feeling positive despite illness

  1. g’day matey. am so glad you are feeling better and that you had a good day’s skiing with dad and mathilde. that kaiserschmarren looks as good as last week. but the kaesespaetzli is still my favourite. we are having +30 here and it is lovely. i am not a cold person any more and am so glad to be home. had a lovely time with you and tamara and i thank you for making it such a wonderful experience. den is heading back to melb for the weekend but will be back for monday onwards and next friday we are seeing the boy from oz. i am thrilled about this. love for now and take care of yourself. lv mum

    your webpage opening is good and those slide show photos are great. am still working my way around the site but i approve. more later. lv m

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